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The tdbengine itself is available for free, without any functional restrictions, there, too.

After you unpacked the Bug-A-Boo archive read the readme.txt file it contains at first please. It might have important information for installation for you.

For both, the first time installation and the upgrade as well, the first 2 steps are the same. At step 3 the setup procedure is divided.

Step 1)
Copy the folder you just exctracted from the archive into your www root directory of your http server.

Step 2)
On command line then type
> cd /var/wwwroot/bug-a-boo<return>

to switch into the Bug-A-Boo directory on your web server.

> (/path/to/)tdbengine make.mod<return>

calls the tdbengine to compile the make module.

First time installation

Step 3)
By entering

> (/path/to/)tdbengine make.prg install<return>

you start the make module which will then setup your fresh Bug-A-Boo installation, so it is usable from that moment on.

Step 4)
Set up a schedul entry in your cronjob table that calls the schedul.prg regularly. (see /Documentation/Administration/Scheduler setup)

Step 5)
Open your web browser and enter the URL to your new Bug-A-Boo installation.

E.g. http://localhost/cgi-bin/bug-a-boo/

The login page asking for your user name and password should appear.
After an absolute fresh installation was done it is "admin" the user name and "bugaboo" the password normally. Login now.

Step 6)
You should first change the password for the user "admin" to make your system a bit more secure.

Upgrading from previous version

Step 3)
By entering

> (/path/to/)tdbengine make.prg update<return>

you start the make module which will then upgrade your existing Bug-A-Boo installation. This means, the data structure will be updated without touching the data and the (new) sources will be compiled.

Step 4)
Try to login as usual. Everything should work fine.


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