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To query bugs you have two options: Start a quick query with only choosing a project and entering keywords or create a filter. When you create a filter you can select the bugs by every aspect you want.

To query quickly click the Query link in the menu, pick a project and enter your keywords. After that press the Query directly button.

If you want to select more aspects you can click on More precise and select every filter criteria you want. If no item of a select field is selected Bug-A-Boo will ignore this aspect.

If you have chosen a project you can select special versions and components, otherwise you have the possibility to define a project here.
To select more than one item of a select box press the CRTL-Key on your keybord while you click on any further option of the same select box.
To negate a selection (e.g. if you want to select all but one item) use the negate checkbox.

When you want select a period where you only need one date (before date, after date or only one day) please use the first date (Date Start).
Attention: The format of the date is the German one: DD.MM.YYYY.

You can store the query as a filter by entering a filtername and click the Save button.

If you want to edit a filter click on the Edit link behind its name in a filter list. Filter lists are below the simple query screen and in the overview area.

After executing a query you get to a screen like this:


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