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Adding a new bug is as easy as coding it ;-)

In order to report a new bug click the "Add bug" link in the menu on the left side.
A list of all available projects will appear. On the left the project name is displayed as link and on the right the description of the project is shown.

Select the project you want the bug to be reported for by clicking the link.
Another page, looking similar to the following image, will be loaded.

You see, the project name you clicked on before is displayed as (non editable) project name.
Below is a dropdown list of all available versions where the latest release is selected by default.
If a project has not set up any versions, that list is empty. You can not select anything.

An input line is waiting for a short headline of the bug's subject. It should help to identify a bug in the list of thousand others as well as it should not be too much information.
To give more detailed information of what exactly is the problem, when it appears and if it is replicable you have a free text field, where you can write in as much as your fingers can type.

Below the description field a select box called "component" is waiting for your choice.
A project can be divided into several components where each component can be related to different developers and responsibles. A component might be a visual component in a C++ Builder project as well as the handbook, the login screen or what ever makes your software project.
A project does not need to have components. Think of very small projects... Then the dropdown list is empty.

You have to specify the type of bug report you are placing. This is by default a weighting of the bug. A critical bug is propably more interesting to the developers, than a feature wish.

Next is the importance to be chosen. The importance is the priority you give the bug. Developers might sort their queue on it - or ignore it.

Now comes one or more select fields that help categorize the bug report more detailed. This is project and installation system dependend. This can be a list of web browser products or of operating systems where you can chose the one the bug appeared with.

When reporting a bug it often is hard to describe it in words and phrases. A screenshot or an example output or what ever could be more helpful. Therefor the attachment upload field is available. Select the file you want to upload on your hard disc and when you submit your report it will then be send, too. But think of, that anybody who can read the bug report also can download that file.

If you want to report another bug after the one you are just reporting you can select the checkbox next to the submit button. Then after submitting it the same form will appear again - empty.


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