Bug-A-Boo is a web based bug reporting system for Linux. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and you can download it here.
It runs on any web host server providing CGI functionality. Bug-A-Boo does not need any database server but brings along its own local tables it accesses with tdbengine.
Thus it is easy to set up and a real performance monster.
It features multi language support, 3 different user levels, layouts/themes, email notifications, individual display profiles for every user and it has almost "no limits in numbers".
At the moment there are available either an English or a German translation.

Bug-A-Boo needs the latest tdbengine to run. You can get it at http://www.tdbengine.org, it is free. We recommend you to get the tdbengine beta by registering as a beta tester on tdbengine.org.

Version 1.09 brings minor changes only (02.02.2005)

The new version 1.09 which again can be downloaded as tar.gz as well as as .zip only contains some minor changes.
The new messaging system has been slightly enhanced, so now one can select user groups as recipients, too.
A new possibility is the Note option, which allows administrators to define a html/text message that is displayed to everyone viewing the overview page.
See more at the Download page
Bug-A-Boo released as 1.08 (26.01.2005)

The first version released this year brings a complete embedded messaging system for users. So users can contact other members of their development/user groups directly through Bug-A-Boo.
Messages are stored within the Bug-A-Boo system and appear in the outbox or in the correspondents inboxes.

A user list now provides users basic information of other users in their user groups.

The color themes were dropped with this version, since it makes almost no sense to keep them AND the fully functional layout exchange possibilities.

And of course, we fixed some bugs and improved the programm all over.

Now get the Bug-A-Boo 1.08!
ATTENTION: Bug-A-Boo calling home - Fix available (18.11.2004)

With the last version 1.06 a minor "security" issue went out that should not have done so.
A javascript function in the main template of the "default" layout has been forgotton to be removed.
Everytime you call pages on your Bug-A-Boo installation this javascript gathers local client information and sends it to our web server.
Actually this should happen only for http://www.bug-a-boo.org/bugagboo for our server statictics but now we get spammed with javascript request from all over the world.

Here we provide you a short update fix

bugaboo-1.06-securityfix.tar.gz (1.612 Bytes)

  Fixes the calling home javascript in default layout

Please unpack this archive into your bug-a-boo installation directory to fix this issue.
The basic packages in the download area have been corrected, too, so new downloads won't bring the bug along.

We are sorry for inconvenience caused by this.
First layout contribution: Matrix (12.10.2004)

Thanks to Thomas S. for sending in the very first customization package for Bug-A-Boo.
It's a theme/layout based on the Matrix screensavers (of the movie series) floating around the web and looks really good.
You can get it in the download section and simply unzip into your Bug-A-Boo installation.
Choose the corresponding layout in the system settings ... et voila!

I18n is the main improvement of version 1.05 (12.10.2004)

I18n (=Internationalization) takes place in Bug-a-Boo so version 1.05 is now multi-language capable. Therefor all ressources are placed outside the templates and sources. Instead there are now .lang-files which hold the text phrases in the corresponding language.
Bug-A-Boo 1.05 brings along an English and a German ressource file.
The overview page now shows a small statistic over all projects' statuses.
Inside the administration area a couple of things were improved. Now the lists often contain additional (clickable) information on current issues (e.g. list of users within a group).
All over all it is strongly recommended to get release 1.05 - it's worth the download.


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